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Potential Problems of Aging Elevator

Physical deterioration in aging is inevitable, even if elevators are maintained properly.

Uneven leveling

Uneven leveling of just a few centimeters can be a safety risk.

Elevator entrapment

If entrapment should happen in the night, the passenger may get stuck in the elevator for a while.

Out of service for a long time caused by an inspection or failure

Out of service for a long time may cause user frustration.

Energy consumption

Besides elevators, there are a variety of electrical components in the building. Thus, it is difficult to know electricity cost of elevator only.


Full Compatibility with Legacy Equipment

Legacy elevator systems can be modernized to incorporate the latest elevator features and safety innovations. Our products are designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with your legacy elevator systems, providing you with cost-competitive solutions and an efficient upgrade path. Our products are comprehensively tested in our factory for safety, ride comfort, reliability and high efficiency. For your peace of mind, we provide full warranty and complete technical support for our products.

Minimal Down Time and Reduced Disruption

Our elevator modernization package is specifically designed by Mitsubishi design laboratory to reduce inconvenience and downtime, and to minimize disruption to your building tenants.

Smooth Implementation of Work

As your maintenance contractor, we will ensure smooth implementation of the modernisation project pertaining to the execution of the maintenance agreement, as well as undertaking the interface and liaison work.

Safety to Meet the Latest Codes

List of proposed additional 8 items for modernization of existing lifts recommended by BCA:

For Singapore code : SS550 : 2009 A3



Electrical Safety interlocking

Light Curtains protection device

Slacken Gov. Rope safety

Car Apron

Intercom system