We are committed to providing safe, reliable and comfortable rides for every passenger through our pursuit of QUALITY in services and products.

Ace Principles


We firmly believe in the sustainable Advancement of our Mitsubishi brand – as a leading solution provider and providing for our employees’ personal growth.


We respond proactively to changing market expectations in the spirit of our “Changes for the Better” motto, while maintaining safety as our key priority.


We take pride in fulfilling our social responsibility by abiding to the Ethics and compliance codes as the cornerstone of our business, in accordance with the Three Principles of Mitsubishi group.

The Three Principles

Corporate Responsibility to Society “Shoki Hoko”

Strive to enrich society, both materially and spiritually, while contributing towards the preservation of the global environment.

Integrity & Fairness “Shoji Komei”

Maintain principles of transparency and openness, conducting business with integrity and fairness.

Global Understanding Through Business “Ritsugyo Boeki”

Expand business, based on an all-encompassing global perspective.

Provision of reference: Mitsubishi Archives