2nd On-Boarding Program

Nov 15, 2019

As a continuation to the successful inaugural On-Boarding program, engineers from various departments such as New Sales, Field Service, Service Sales and Installation and Testing, were invited to participate in the second round of the program conducted at the Mitsubishi Corporation training room on 15 November 2019.

The 30 participants were given an overview of the history of Mitsubishi, The Three Principles, our Corporate Mission, as well as our core business values. The program also provided a comprehensive insight into Japanese corporate culture, business mantra and terminologies such as “Hou-Ren-Sou” – an essential communication technique on reporting, informing, and consulting with superiors and colleagues.

The 2nd On-Boarding Program concluded with situational based case studies which required the participants to brainstorm and conceptualize on our Corporate Principles with reference to relevant examples and various methods of direct applications. The participants welcomed the learning and experience of the program, bringing it to another successful close.